Can Writing a Book be Therapeutic? Cathartic? Even a Healing Experience?
These women say so....
In early 2020, I was at lunch in Beverly Hills with my private coaching client Rina and her husband Devin.

As our meal came to a close, Devin reached over and touched my arm and said, “Thank you for the work you have done with my wife. Because of you, she’s a new woman. Because of you, we have a new marriage. I am truly grateful.”

In that moment, I was both touched and stunned.

Not only because Devin is a 6’4+ former basketball player - and I couldn’t imagine such a masculine man being so gentle, gracious and grateful. It’s because the healing breakthrough work I did with Rina not only impacted her business and confidence, but it had powerful impact on her marriage. 

A testament that the work you do on your self can have far-reaching impact.

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For over 15 years, Alicia Dunams has helped over 2000 people become bestselling authors through her Bestseller in a Weekend® course and professional author services and coaching company. Through this work, Alicia honed a skill to support people to overcome trauma through the book writing process, a framework she calls

Additionally, as a leadership trainer, executive coach and certified peacemaker/mediator who has worked with clients including CBS, Gap, GEICO, and Capital One, Alicia uses the foundation of healthy conversations and storytelling as the bridge to overcome conflict in the workplace and beyond. 

Alicia’s expertise includes facilitating unconscious bias, emotional intelligence, facilitated workplace conversation circles, and other leadership trainings with a focus on conscious communication to create belonging, mutual respect, and healing transformation.

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